EN-APPLY’s batching is the most innovative and productive control system available in the industry today for maximizing batching accuracy and performance, while minimizing maintenance and costs. Utilizing the design philosophy of integrating the best technology available, En-Apply Batch is built with readily available components, eliminating the hidden costs associated with proprietary, single source, parts; and ensuring that the system can continually be improved as new technology becomes available.

Designed for Quality… Delivering Key Advantages Our batching system enables ready mix plant operators to:

»» Batch faster & more accurately – increase production while decreasing material costs
»» Reduce plant downtime and require low maintenance costs

»» Never buy software releases again – included with annual support

»» Computer recordation and identification of all inventory transactions

»» Easy to operate

»» Trouble free performance




Loss-of-Weight Batching Systems



Gain-in-Weight Batching System



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